Volume Full Set

  • 3 hours
  • 130 US dollars
  • Exclusive Location

Service Description

This is perfect for someone who wants a dark and glamorous look. This look strictly uses 5d-8d fans. Volume sets add length and thickness to your lash line. Sizes are up to 25mm. POLICIES: Please make sure you are 100% sure you want the date and time you are booking. If you have children, PLEASE prepare a babysitter if needed ahead of time because there are NO GUESTS ALLOWED, (unless the multiple parties have a service package booked together). Be prepared when it comes weather conditions and parking. Give yourself some time to look for parking if needed or slowed down traffic conditions. You have a FREE 9 minute grace period. After being 9 minutes late you will be charged the following fees at the end of your session. 10 minutes late fee = $10.00 15 minutes late fee = $15.00 If you are more then 16 minutes late YOUR APPOINTMENT WILL BE CANCELED AND YOUR DEPOSIT IS FORFEITED. NO EXCEPTIONS. You may reschedule another appointment with another deposit. You have a 15-minute grace period and NOT A SECOND MORE. (I cannot push back other peoples appointments, its a HUGE . Every minute counts. I need my time and other times to be respected equally as yours.) Your deposit is NON-transferable and NON-refundable. If you cancel you will automatically be charged 50% of your session total. The deposit given will be included in the 50% cancellation charge. How do I avoid a cancelation fee? Arrive on time and do not cancel your appointment. NO EXCEPTIONS. Upon booking you automatically agree to these terms. No Call & Now Shows are automatically banned from The Emily Collection Club Clientele. NO EXCEPTIONS. After three cancellations back to back you will be dropped from The Emily Collection clientele. Please do not schedule an appointment if you are sick in any way to try to keep a safe and clean environment the best we can. Masks are not required but you may wear one if you feel comfortable. (Your technician will always have one on) Please arrive to your appointment with clean lashes and a clean face. No makeup, Oils or residue of any kind on your face. $10.00 cleaning fee will be added if I need to do a deeper clean. Deep cleans take more time because any residue will not allow the extensions to stick to your natural lashes nor will it allow the tapes to properly stick and stay on your skin in order to do your lashes. After 24 hours I am not responsible for your lashes. You need to inform me within the 24 hours and do whatever touch ups needed.

Contact Details


Private 1 on 1 session - Address sent after deposit is received Linden, New Jersey 07036, USA